United States


Dear user, we are making some legal revisions and updates to the ToS (terms of service) of Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® services. At this time, every subscription request is evaluated individually and will only be considered when requested by email.

Residents in United States (non-EU users).

Our service is based in Lisbon, Portugal and, fully governed by the official rules of EURid, it is available in two versions for our users. One for residents or citizens of the European Union (blipcard.eu) and another universal version for non-EU users residing outside EU territory (blipcard.net).

You can contact us, at any time, through the email addresses: support@blipcard.net or info@pulsaris.pt.

* Blipcard® and Cartão de Negócio® are solutions provided by pulsaris.

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